Sypher Cookie Consent - Pricing & Options

Sypher Cookie Consent Manager can be purchased together with the Sypher Privacy Management Platform or separately. Stand-alone prices are displayed below.


For professionals and small websites


Unlimited domains & websites

Unlimited pageviews

Unlimited subpages

1000 valid consents stored / website

3 months retention period for expired consents / website

2 languages (EN+1)

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For small businesses and start-ups

€9 /website/month
monthly billing

Unlimited pageviews

Unlimited subpages

10,000 valid consents stored / website

6 months retention period for expired consents / website

11 languages


For businesses with growing traffic

€19 /website/month
monthly billing

Unlimited pageviews

Unlimited subpages

40,000 valid consents stored / website

12 months retention period for expired consents / website

11 languages


For businesses with high traffic

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Unlimited domains & websites

Unlimited pageviews

Unlimited subpages

Over 40,000 valid consents stored

Up to 2 years retention period for expired consents

11 languages


Yes, we offer the Basic package for free, which includes unlimited websites and page views and up to 1,000 valid consents per website and serves as an opportunity to use our product without any cost. You can start with this plan to try the product and then upgrade to the plan you want when you reach the number of consents stored. This allows you to try out our product and assess its suitability for your needs without any financial commitment. If the Basic package aligns with your requirements, you can continue using it for as long as you like, or you may choose to upgrade to one of our premium plans for additional features and capabilities.

If you would like to discuss special customisations or needs, simply contact us.

The consent expiry date is set at 30 days and you can configure it up to 365 days depending on the package you have.

If the consent is still within its validity period, the new consent will be considered valid, while the older consent will be considered expired, so that any subsequent consents sent by the same user will be counted as a single consent. If the consent has expired, the new consent becomes the only valid consent.

We count the total number of valid consents stored at any given time. A valid consent is considered one which is still in their validity period. If a user gives his consent today, it will be valid for a validity period (by default, 30 days). If the same user changes their consent options, any consent given prior to this expires and the last one is considered valid. The total number of stored valid consents depends on the validity period choosen (depending on the subscription plan), from 30 to 365 days. If the validity period of a consent is 30 days, one could say that the total number of your website unique visitors per month is roughly the same number as the unique valid stored consents.

We currently support 11 languages (English, German, French, Bulgarian, Greek, Hungarian, Italian, Polish, Dutch, Romanian, and Russian) for the cookie settings bar. You can customise any category/ button name or cookie description in any of these languages.
The language of the cookie bar can be automatically detected from the language of the website; the default is English if the website language is not supported or cannot be determined. This can also be configured manually.

You can be up and running within minutes of sign-up. Our easy-to-use management interface allows you to perform all aspects of the integration directly. If you need special customisation, it may take a little longer depending on your needs.

You have the option to use our FREE version indefinitely for an unlimited number of websites, as long as each website remains within the specified consent limits and other package-specific parameters. Our FREE version includes certain limits on the number of stored consents, consent validity periods, and automatic cookie scanning frequencies. If your website(s) fall within these limits, you can continue to use our FREE version without payment.

However, if any individual website exceeds the limits of the FREE version, such as the number of consents or other package-specific parameters, you may consider upgrading to one of our paid packages (Medium or Large) to accommodate the specific requirements of your website. Our paid packages offer advanced features and flexibility to meet your needs, making them a suitable choice if your website's requirements exceed the limits of the FREE version.

In summary, while you can use the FREE version indefinitely for an unlimited number of websites within its defined parameters, you can upgrade to a paid package if your website(s) requires additional resources or features beyond what the FREE version offers.

We accept all major credit and debit cards, including Visa, Mastercard, Amex, as well as ApplePay, GooglePay, China UnionPay, iDeal, Giropay, EPS, Bankontact, all via our payment provider Stripe.

Yes, you can change your plan at any time. We understand that your needs may evolve over time and we want to provide you the flexibility to accommodate those changes. Whether you start with the FREE version and later decide to upgrade to a paid plan, or start with one of our paid plans and wish to adjust it, you have the freedom to make plan changes to best suit your requirements. Simply visit your billing settings to explore and select the plan that meets your current needs.

We provide you with usage statistics that are updated in real time and include the total number of valid unique consents stored. The account owner will also receive email notifications when you are about to reach your plan limit.

You are only required to pay for websites that exceed the consent limit associated with your chosen package. Here's how it works:

  • Basic (Free) Package: You can have an unlimited number of websites, and the first 1000 valid consents stored for each website are included for free. If any individual website exceeds this 1000-consent limit, you'll need to consider upgrading to a paid package for that specific website.
  • Medium Package: Similarly, with the Medium Package, you can also have an unlimited number of websites. However, if any single website exceeds 1000 valid consents stored but has not reached 10,000 consents, you'll need to pay 9 EUR per month for that specific website.
  • Large Package: With the Large Package, the rules are the same. You can have an unlimited number of websites, but if any single website surpasses 10,000 valid consents stored, you'll need to pay 19 EUR per month for that particular website.
In summary, you only pay for individual websites that exceed their respective consent limits, while the rest can remain on your chosen package for free.