About us

Sypher is a technology company that develops solutions that help businesses simplify the GDPR compliance process. Our headquarters are in Bucharest, Romania.

We have more than 40 years of combined founders’ experience in designing and implementing projects requiring security and data protection compliance in e-commerce, banking and insurance. We use the very latest technologies and, with real attention to detail, we’re passionate about helping our clients to become GDPR compliant quickly, easily and with minimal fuss.

Board of Directors

Cristian BADEA - Co-founder

Cristian has a well-rounded insight into the software industry, being a software engineer himself. Co-founder of ePayment and Avangate payment systems, his expertise spans technical, financial, security and business areas. Leading the development of Sypher platform, addressing solution functionality and innovation, scalability, security and efficient resource planning.

Mihai GHIȚĂ - Co-founder

Mihai has over 20 years of experience in developing online sales software for insurance brokers and insurance companies and of work in the insurance industry. Specialized in web user experience, software product management & architecture he is always looking for ways to improve the usability and functionality of the platform.

Cosmin OCHIȘOR - Board Member

Cosmin is an experienced Investment professional with expertise in Seed investment, as well as closing deals within various jurisdictions. As Investment Manager, Cosmin contributed from sourcing up to successful closing of pre-Seed and Seed stage deals, actively syndicating and helping investee companies to obtain Series A round and contributes from refining GTM strategy, or team hiring, to defining the funding strategy and supporting the management during negotiations.

Advisory Board

Carmen SEBE

Hi-tech industry executive with extensive international operational and senior level management experience. Has overseen the development of companies from nascent stages – to realization of hundreds of millions of Euro in online transactions – to eventual strategic exit. Significant international experience developing locations and processes in the USA, Europe and APAC region.


Marian Seitan is the founder and the GM of the Mediapost Hit Mail group, the largest direct marketing group in Romania (23 mEuro turnover in 2018). He is also an investor in 5 companies; his expertise combines logistics, marketing and IT.