2 years of GDPR - "Many DPO reported feeling isolated in their role"

The second edition of PrivacyHub webinar focused on the international perspective of GDPR after 2 years

July 08, 2020 More

2 years of GDPR: What was the biggest challenge for companies

Let’s find out which the biggest challenges that companies faced in the last two years since the GDPR regulation was implemented.

June 29, 2020 More

Privacy hub webinar: 2 Years of GDPR in CEE

The second Privacy Hub webinar is scheduled for June 25th

June 16, 2020 More

2 years of GDPR: Which was the biggest challenge for data protection specialists?

We asked six data protection specialists which was the biggest challenge the professionals in the data protection field faced during this period.

June 11, 2020 More

2 years of GDPR: What have we learned?

The 25th of May marks 2 years since the implementation of GDPR in the European Union. There were two challenging years for both companies and Data Protection Officers (DPOs) and consultants.

June 03, 2020 More

DPO’s challenges during COVID-19

Specific data privacy challenges for the DPOs brought by this pandemic

May 06, 2020 More

Work from home - Privacy matters more than ever

A list of guidelines that can be quickly implemented while working from home

March 27, 2020 More

Sypher Talks: Epic battle - Startup vs. Small business

Startup vs. Small business, with Cristian Badea

March 03, 2020 More

I’m no alien, I’m no legal alien, I’m a businessman in Lisbon. At Web Summit

Why would an entrepreneur come to Web Summit

February 24, 2020 More

Is GDPR an extra challenge for the banking sector?

GDPR compliance in a big company is a complex process; now GDPR adds an extra layer that makes things even more challenging for the financial sector.

January 28, 2020 More