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Sypher Suite can help you:

Stay compliant as your business changes

Becoming and staying GDPR compliant requires an effective and ongoing discovery process. Sypher is designed to let your teams provide information in a fast and user-friendly way, ensuring accurate information is collected, on a regular basis, not just during the initial GDPR implementation.

Say "goodbye" to endless emails and Excel questionnaires!

Built-in collaboration tools make it easy to ask for information, centralise it and get feedback and updates from team members. No more waiting for colleagues to open a file, work on it and send it back. No more endless email conversations to read and reply to. Everyone involved will you for this.

Make external advisers part of the team

Invite external users to create a free account and join your project. Sypher allows GDPR professionals to bring their own questionnaires and templates.

No 'legalese' knowledge required

Sypher differentiates between 'normal' and 'professional' users. Your regular team will only answer business related questions. These answers are then assigned to the designated internal or external advisers for further legal analysis and more specific discovery.

Avoid loose ends

During any discovery process the list of things to be done can spiral out of control pretty fast. Sypher automatically creates tasks when 'change clues' are detected or information in key areas is added or altered.

Keep tight control of your GDPR official documentation

With many people submitting and changing information on a regular basis it's way too easy to end up not knowing what was approved or not. Sypher is designed to make sure every change in key areas gets through a review and approval process.

Answer GDPR requests with more ease

Sypher Suite allows you to filter and export records of processing activities (as defined in Article 30) for analysis or when required by authorities. It also includes a module to manage requests form data subjects.

Get instant access to historical data

Need to know what your GDPR documentation looked a while ago? Pick any previous date and export GDPR data as it looked at that specific moment in time. Might come in handy when you have an authority control for something that happened long time ago.

Keep management updated on progress

Management dashboard presents a bird's-eye view of project progress, plus who does what and when. Various areas can be expanded for more specific details.