See the big picture. Stay in control!

Track compliance progress with real-time, actionable information.

Everything in one place

No matter how many projects you supervise, you always get a clear picture of everything that happens. Standardise the compliance process and vocabulary for consistent and coherent reporting.


Robust controls

Sypher Suite’s built-in change and review management system ensures that everything that goes into your GDPR documentation is verified and the information is reviewed on a regular basis.


Easy to use

Training takes on average 1 hour for business users and under 3 hours for the compliance team. This makes it easier to involve all the departments in the compliance process.



One size doesn’t fit all. We offer “on premise” and private cloud installations that can be configured to better match your organization requirements.


Get powerful tools for DPO effectiveness

With so many things to do and remember, mistakes are easy to make.
Sypher Suite actively supports the compliance team to identify the areas that require their attention.

3D Mapping validator

The validation engine combines and analyzes information from multiple sources and angles to help identify common data mapping errors or omissions and to provide suggestions.


Smart monitoring

The platform will notify activity owners when relevant changes are detected, show them what's different and even reopen documents that need updating. It’s that simple!


Dynamic data flows

Trying to understand how you use personal data by reading a spreadsheet is like driving by looking at a list of GPS coordinates. Our visual maps can show data flows from different angles.


Data subjects request manager

Missing the deadline for a data subject request is a sure way to prompt a complaint to the authorities. The DSRM module tracks all open requests and notifies you if the deadline is approaching.


You'll be in good company