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Sypher is a GDPR software platform that helps the privacy team collect and manage the information needed to assess, document, and demonstrate GDPR compliance.

It provides step-by-step guidance, keeps track of everything that needs to be done and simplifies work for anyone with privacy-related responsibilities.

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Get step-by-step guidance

GDPR compliance projects are complicated. With so many things to do and lots of people involved, it's challenging to keep track of everything that's going on and everyone involved.

Sypher breaks your project into chapters and tasks, providing a detailed action plan for the entire process and allowing you to get a clear understanding of progress and what still needs to be done.

Migrate existing documentation

Sypher lets the privacy team import existing spreadsheets, then automatically creates data inventories and builds a visual map of your organization's processes and activities.

Project tools help identify and remove duplicates, mark unclear items, and prepare for a thorough review.

Engage your colleagues in the reviewing process

Creating a data stewards support team and formalizing data protection responsibilities is critical for maintaining GDPR compliance.

Sypher provides a solid framework to facilitate collaboration between the privacy team and the rest of the business.

It comes with a friendly interface with tooltips, suggestions, and examples that make it easy for anyone to learn basic privacy management concepts and review their department processes and activities in a structured and well-organized manner.

Identify and address compliance gaps

The platform will provide step-by-step guidance to analyze and document compliance with GDPR principles for every processing activity in your register.

During this process, Sypher keeps track of every task that needs to be completed, measures progress, and uses its validation engine to identify common errors or omissions and highlight areas where additional analysis or documentation is recommended.

Setup a regular review process

Sypher's built-in change and review management system ensures that everything that goes into your GDPR documentation is regularly verified and updated.

The system keeps a detailed log of modifications and their source, monitors each activity's risk profile, and notifies the compliance team when changes that require additional analysis or documentation updates are detected.

It can also trigger review alerts at regular intervals, based on each processing activity's risk levels and specifics.

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Focus where it matters

There is no such thing as perfect compliance.

With limited time and budget you need to identify high risk areas and focus on the actions that make a difference.

Sypher builds a clear picture of the overall progress, highlights the areas that need attention and helps your team prioritise important work.

Work more effectively

The platform provides a framework which the DPO and their team can use to collaborate and exchange information with the rest of the business and external advisors.

It also acts as a central repository for everything related to privacy management and includes tools to boost your team's effectiveness.

Create, verify, and update your GDPR register

Sypher automatically checks your register of processing activities for missing information or potential errors and shows suggestions to improve it.

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Document compliance with GDPR principles

The built-in project plan provides step-by-step guidance to collect and analyze the information needed to document compliance with GDPR principles.

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Conduct Privacy Impact Assessments

Sypher automatically calculates and presents a risk score for each activity. The underlying information is readily available for export and analysis if you decide a DPIA is needed.

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Manage data subjects’ requests

Missing the deadline for a data subject request can lead to an official complaint. Sypher Suite tracks all open requests and notifies you if the deadline is approaching.

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Start right away

We believe privacy management software should be easy to use.

That's why every time you open the platform it will recommend the next task to be done and provide instructions, examples or suggestions to help complete it.

Training and support are always available, but you will often be able to simply open your project and start working.

Sypher is customizable, secure and easy to use. Try it free!

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