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Use Sypher to —

  • Build and maintain accurate ROPA
  • Create smart privacy notices, connected to ROPA updates
  • Document technical and organizational security measures
  • Conduct risk assessments for vendors and processors
  • Keep track of contracts and data processing agreements
  • Identify high-risk activities and conduct DPIAs
  • Manage data subjects requests
  • Log security incidents and data breaches

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Sypher helps you —

Assign team responsibilities

Successful privacy management programs depend on everyone being aware of their duties, and actively supporting data protection efforts.

Sypher helps you define and assign privacy-related tasks, to formalize the compliance processes.

Migrate and verify your documentation

Spreadsheet-based ROPAs are hard to review; they often include incomplete, ambiguous, or duplicated information.

Sypher checks for typical problems and can combine information from multiple sources to identify activity mapping issues and suggest missing documents.

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Monitor changes

Sypher's built-in monitoring system will send notifications when it detects changes that need to be examined, or it's time to conduct a scheduled update.

Smart documents (like privacy notices) are automatically reopened for review when the underlying information is modified.

Plan improvements and track progress

No matter how many organizations you’re supervising, the dashboard and reports ensure you always know what's going on.

The built in project plan helps you assign privacy-related tasks and keep track of everything that needs to be done.

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