Sypher Solutions launches the GDPR Virtual Assistant

by Sypher - September 21, 2020

This tool provides step by step guidance to analyze and document compliance with GDPR principles, reduces the amount of time necessary for data collection, and allows the DPOs to focus on analysis and counseling activities.

September 2nd, 2020

Sypher Solutions – the biggest Romanian GDPR compliance platform – announces the launch of the “GDPR Virtual Assistant”, designed to answer the practical challenges that GDPR compliance teams face every day. 

From our experience, we know that within the majority of the companies the DPO is the last resource to ensure GDPR compliance. But it’s not easy to manage the project, to keep control and to set priorities, especially in a big organization where there are many things to do.

Sypher GDPR Virtual Assistant was designed to allow every person, even without special knowledge, to run the GDPR compliance process and to collect or to update the required data. 

Therefore, the DPO or the GDPR consultant is able to allot less time for managing and monitoring the project and can focus on analysis and counseling activities, which bring real added value to the company and keep it safe from unwanted events
”, said Mihai Ghiță, co-founder Sypher.

Along rising the efficiency level of the compliance team and reducing costs, Sypher GDPR Virtual Assistant is also a reporting tool, allowing the management to see in real time the progress and to adequately allocate the resources in order to maintain compliance and identify risk zones for the organization.


About Sypher:

The company develops Sypher Suite platform software designed to help companies to simplify the process of analysing, documenting and maintaing GDPR compliance. 
The platform uses specific logic and workflows which divide the project into smaller chunks, easier to manage, and delivers an overview of the progress and issues that require the attention of the DPO. It is also a practical work tool, with frequent updates, based on users’ comments and the specific problems they encountered while implementing and maintaining GDPR within their organization. 

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