SypherPrivacyTalks - February 2024 - Week 6

by Sypher - February 05, 2024

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AI Act Finalized: Here Is What Has Been Agreed • 19 min read

📢 The technical experts of the European Union have now completed ✅ the AI Act. The official approval of the world's first regulation on artificial intelligence by the EU Parliament is expected in April 2024.

🤖  The Act contains a new definition of artificial intelligence system that slightly differs from the one provided by the OECD guidelines, a classification of AI systems, entities obliged under the AI Act, AI Governance, potential sanctions and the timeline of the AI Act. Detailed information on all of these aspects can be found in an article by law firm DLA Piper … read more

Italy's Data Watchdog: OpenAI's ChatGPT Violates GDPR • 3 min read

🚨 The Italian data protection regulator has informed OpenAI that its ChatGPT AI chatbot may be in breach of the GDPR. OpenAI has ⌛30 days to respond with a defence.

Italy's data protection regulator imposed a temporary ban last year (the first country to do so), which was lifted after OpenAI addressed the issues. At the time, the Garante cited privacy concerns, including the mass collection of users' data to train the chatbot's algorithm. 
The regulator was also alarmed that the service did not include an age-verification mechanism.
The ban forced the company to address the right of users to decline consent for the use of personal data to train algorithms… read more

Data protection - what to expect in 2024? • 3 min read

📜 The article by Fox Williams LLP provides a summary of expected upcoming updates to data protection legislation and guidance in the EU and UK, touching on UK reforms, the EU review of the GDPR expected in mid-2024, international data transfers, AI, as well as various other guidance - including for marketing campaigns and cookie compliance… read more

Uber fined €10 million for infringement of privacy regulations • 3 min read

💶 The Dutch Data Protection Authority (AP) has fined Uber €10 million. The fine is the result of Uber's failure to fully disclose the retention periods for data relating to European drivers and to identify the non-European countries with which it shares this data. In addition, the DPA found that Uber had obstructed its drivers' attempts to exercise their right to privacy… read more (article in Dutch)

Europe: HR leaders' role towards ethical AI integration • 3 min read
The rapid adoption of AI raises significant ethical concerns, particularly in the areas of employment law and human rights protection. 

Various AI governance laws and regulations, such as the EU AI Act, are underway. As organisations prepare for the upcoming regulations, integrating AI into HR practices is more than a technological advancement; it requires responsibility and compliance. 

HR leaders have a critical role to play in guiding organisations towards ethical and effective AI integration. This article outlines key actions for HR leaders to prioritise ethical considerations alongside technical aspects:

  • Reconciling AI and human judgement
  • Bringing HR to strategic discussions
  • Employee implications of AI adoption
  • A balanced approach to AI in HR

More information in this Lexology article by Baker McKenzie… read more

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