SypherPrivacyTalks - June 2024 - Week 26

by Sypher - June 25, 2024

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Dutch appellate court rules against Oracle and Salesforce in a GDPR-related cookie case • 2 min read

🍪 A Dutch appeal court has ruled that Oracle and Salesforce must continue to defend a class action lawsuit over the use of cookies to collect and track personal information for their data management platforms (DMPs).

The case raises questions about who is responsible when websites use third-party data platforms to track users, and is based on the GDPR. The plaintiff in the case is The Privacy Collective (TPC), a Dutch non-profit organisation that focuses on consumer privacy issues … read more

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GDPR-compliant AI integration becomes mandatory for business growth - 3 working scenarios  • 2 min read

🤖 The article discusses the challenges of AI and GDPR compliance, including transparency of algorithms, data accuracy and security, and outlines three cases for making AI integration GDPR compliant: transparency and clarity, information security and impact assessments… read more (article in Romanian 🇷🇴). 

IAB Tech Lab finalises data deletion request framework • 3 min read

📣 IAB Tech Lab, the global digital advertising technical standards-setting body, recently announced the release of the final Data Deletion Request Framework, following two public comment periods.

This milestone represents a significant step forward in addressing consumer data privacy concerns within the digital advertising supply chain, and aims to streamline privacy compliance in the digital advertising supply chain... read more in the IAB press release

Subject Access Requests: UK High Court looks at the meaning of recipients •  1 min read

⚖️ This Lexology article by Bristows LLP discusses the UK’s High Court ruling mentioning that under the UK GDPR, data subjects are entitled to know the specific recipients of their data, including employees of the data controller.

However, controllers can withhold this information if it involves disclosing personal data about the recipients, meaning that the "rights of others" exception applies.… read more

The Italian DPA has sanctioned a municipality for the installation of a video surveillance system • 4 min read

👁️ This article discusses a fine imposed by the Italian Data Protection Authority on the Municipality of Madignano earlier this year. The penalty of three thousand euros was imposed for the unlawful processing of personal data, citing insufficient guarantees for the video surveillance system and inadequate information. 

This case underscores the critical importance of proper privacy management and adherence to labour law obligations, particularly regarding video surveillance.… read more


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