SypherPrivacyTalks - June 2024 - Week 25

by Sypher - June 17, 2024

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Meta pauses AI plans in Europe after privacy complaints • 2 min read

🤖 Meta has paused plans to use personal data to train its artificial intelligence technology in Europe, after the social media giant was targeted with privacy complaints.

This comes as a result of NOYB filing  privacy complaints against Meta in 11 European countries, saying the global tech giant's planned privacy policy change would allow "unlawful" use of personal data to train an "undefined" type of current and future AI technology … read more

The European data protection supervisor issues guidelines for generative artificial intelligence  • 1 min read

📝 The European Union Data Protection Supervisor (EDPS), operating under the EU Data Protection Board (EDPB), recently published preliminary guidance on the use of generative AI by EU institutions in compliance with data protection rules. 

The EDPS aims to provide practical advice to EU institutions, bodies, offices and agencies on specific issues related to the processing of personal data, methods to protect personal data, ensuring data accuracy, the role of data protection authorities, safeguarding individuals' rights and other issues related to the use of generative AI systems… read more

Google's Privacy Sandbox more like a privacy mirage, campaigners claim • 3 min read

🍪 Privacy activist noyb has filed a GDPR complaint about Google's privacy sandbox, claiming that turning on a "privacy feature" in the Chrome browser resulted in unwanted tracking by the American giant.

The problem, according to Noyb, is that while Privacy Sandbox is advertised as an improvement over third-party tracking, it doesn't eliminate that tracking. Instead, it is done inside the browser by Google itself... read more

Data protection: Council agrees position on GDPR enforcement rules •  4 min read

⚖️ The European Council agreed last week on a common position of member states on a new law that will improve cooperation between national data protection authorities when enforcing the GDPR.

The agreement on this general approach will allow the Council to start negotiations with the European Parliament. Once adopted, the regulation will provide tools to speed up the handling of cross-border complaints from citizens or organisations and any follow-up investigations… read more

Data centres and cybersecurity • 4 min read

🛡️ With an increasing focus on data security and network resilience, data centre operators need to be aware of and prepared to comply with new, enhanced cybersecurity obligations, including the NIS2 Directive which will apply from 18 October 2024.

This Bird & Bird article provides a brief overview of the key elements and how to prepare, with a focus on the EU as well as other jurisdictions… read more


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Photo by Dima Solomin on Unsplash