SypherPrivacyTalks - June 2024 - Week 24

by Sypher - June 10, 2024

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NOYB urges 11 DPAs to immediately stop Meta's abuse of personal data for AI  • 4 min read

🤖 Over the past few days, Meta has informed millions of Europeans that its privacy policy is changing again. On closer investigation, it's clear that the company plans to use years of personal posts, private images and online tracking data for an undefined 'AI technology' that can ingest personal data from any source and share any information with undefined 'third parties'.

The NOYB has now filed complaints in 11 European countries, asking authorities to launch an urgent procedure to stop the changes immediately, before they come into force on 26 June 2024 … read more

Worldcoin's Spain ban extended to end of 2024, or until GDPR audit complete  • 3 min read

👁️ Worldcoin's proof-of-humanity project continues to suspend operations in Spain until the end of the year or until an audit is completed. OpenAI CEO Sam Altman co-founded Tools for Humanity, the main backer of the Worldcoin project, which seeks to create a system for people to prove their humanity. 

The German organisation responsible for verifying Worldcoin's compliance with the GDPR is currently auditing the project… read more

Microsoft faces children’s privacy complaints in Austria over use of 365 education suite in schools • 2 min read

🚸 A privacy advocacy group in Austria recently filed two complaints against Microsoft, alleging that its widely used education software violates children's privacy rights.

The group urged Austrian regulators to investigate and potentially penalise Microsoft, arguing that schools lack the means to monitor and protect student data when using Microsoft 365 Education software... read more

Exit interviews and regulations on the processing of personal data • 4 min read

📝 This Wardyński & Partners lexicon article analyses exit interviews from the perspective of processing of personal data.

Aspects such as the purpose of data processing in exit interviews, the basis for processing the data collected, data retention and transparency are discussed… read more

Google's privacy chief is leaving, and will not be replaced • 2 min read

🚨 Google, a company that has been criticised for its privacy failings, is losing its chief privacy officer. Keith Enright is leaving the Alphabet-owned company after 13 years, and Google has no plans to replace him.

Enright has represented the company before Congress, the Federal Trade Commission and several data protection commissions around the world… read more


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