SypherPrivacyTalks - April 2024 - Week 16

by Sypher - April 15, 2024

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US federal data privacy law introduced by legislators • 2 min read
📜 A federal privacy law has been drafted in the US to establish and enforce privacy rights for all US citizens. This could be the push to give the US a comprehensive data protection law, on par with Europe's GDPR.

The draft bill has been named the American Privacy Rights Act.

The national law aims to give US citizens more control over their personal data and limit the ability of big tech companies to process, transfer and sell such information. It also mandates stronger cybersecurity standards for organisations … read more

GDPR, EU AI Act will overlap as businesses face enforcement • 5 min read

🤖 Enforcement of the new EU AI Act is still up in the air, as the governing bodies are being set up. Meanwhile, data protection authorities are struggling with how the new legislation will interact with existing laws.

DPAs are likely to play a key role in the EU AI Act, but establishing an AI workforce is something that governments are battling with… read more

EU Parliament votes to strengthen GDPR enforcement • 5 min read

☑️ MEPs voted on Wednesday 10 April on amendments to strengthen GDPR enforcement, but advocacy groups want more, particularly on data subjects' rights and cross-border issues.
Amendments to the GDPR Enforcement Procedures Regulation aim to strengthen the rights of complainants, clarify enforcement procedures and address procedural concerns.

Among other things, the adopted amendments change the role of supervisory authorities and remove some of their obligations to share preliminary findings… read more

Data breaches not excused by employee error • 4 min read

⚖️ This article by global law firm Taylor Wessing, analyses the recent answers given by the Court of Justice of the European Union to important questions regarding liability for data breaches, the assessment of damages and the influence of human error on liability.

The decisions are seen as an opportunity to clarify the understanding of immaterial damage and the requirements for proving such damage and the liability of those responsible… read more

EU Policy. Deal reached on landmark Health Data Space • 4 min read

🏥 European lawmakers agreed last month on a landmark bill to make it easier to share and access personal health data across the EU - with some privacy safeguards for sharing data with non-medical third parties.
The rules are now provisionally agreed upon by MEPs and EU ministers. The breakthrough came as Parliament negotiators partially softened their stance on the re-use of health data for 'secondary use', where data registered for use by health services is used by third parties for other purposes… read more


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