SypherPrivacyTalks - March 2024 - Week 14

by Sypher - April 01, 2024

EU: CJEU confirms oral disclosures are considered ‘processing’ under the GDPR • 3 min read

⚖️ The Court of Justice of the European Union recently ruled in Endemol Shine, C-740/22, that the concept of 'processing' under the GDPR includes the verbal disclosure of personal data.

This ruling has important implications, confirming the broad scope of 'processing' under the GDPR and clearly demonstrating that oral, as opposed to written, disclosures of personal data cannot avoid GDPR obligations… read more

Facebook secretly spied on Snapchat usage to confuse advertisers, court docs say • 5 min read

🔏Unsealed court documents have exposed more details about a secret Facebook project, originally dubbed 'Ghostbusters', designed to secretly access encrypted Snapchat usage data to give Facebook an edge over its rival just as Snapchat was experiencing fast growth in 2016.

The documents were filed in a class-action lawsuit by consumers and advertisers accusing Meta of anti-competitive behaviour that prevented rivals from competing in the social media advertising market… read more

Telemarketing company fined in France for improper data collection • 3 min read

💶CNIL, the French data protection authority, recently fined FORIOU, a telemarketing company promoting loyalty programmes, €310,000, or 1% of its turnover. 
The fine stemmed from FORIOU's use of individuals' personal data, which it purchased from data brokers. The consent form for the use of the data contained errors and was in breach of the GDPR.… read more

The rise of generative AI in gaming and its legal challenges • 4 min read

🎮 This Lexology article, signed by Bird & Bird, provides insights into key legal areas affected by the integration of GenAI in games. 
The article covers navigating consumer protection laws in GenAI-enhanced games, laws regulating the use of general terms and conditions, information obligations towards players, the player's right of withdrawal, how AI-driven content in games can navigate youth protection laws, how game developers can ensure data protection compliance, and a future outlook.… read more

Temu changes T&Cs of free cash giveaway after data protection concern   • 3 min read

💥Online marketplace Temu, a Chinese-owned e-commerce company specialising in low-cost and discounted goods, has changed the terms of its free cash giveaway after coming under criticism for allowing customers to reveal substantial personal information.

Temu's original offer gave customers the opportunity to claim €58 as long as they registered, downloaded the app and sent the invitation code to a friend so they could also sign up. The small print stated that those who signed up would have to agree to the usage of their data, including their "photo, name, likeness, voice, opinions, statements, biographical information, and/or hometown and state for promotional or advertising purposes in any media worldwide", without being notified when it was being used… read more


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