SypherPrivacyTalks - March 2024 - Week 13

by Sypher - March 25, 2024

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New cars are now “the worst” products when it comes to protecting consumer data • 7 min read

🚗 By 2030, more than 95% of cars sold are expected to have built-in internet connectivity.

The recent sale of driver data to insurance companies has worried internet privacy advocates, with one analysis recently calling cars "the worst product category" ever tested for privacy.

As with many consumer technologies, opting out of data sharing is often buried in settings and menus that consumers cannot easily find… read more

A view from Brussels: GDPR 'still in the making' 8 years later • 4 min read

In the coming months, the European Commission will publish a second report on the application of the GDPR. In January, the Commission launched a call for evidence, receiving 260 contributions, to inform its assessment.
The article provides a summary analysis of the submissions from trade associations, individuals and companies, and looks at the trends and issues identified… read more

Landmark European AI Act Passed By The European Parliament • 2 min read
✅ The European Parliament's recent approval of the EU AI Act marks a significant milestone in the regulation of 🤖artificial intelligence. 
Despite widespread support, some MEPs criticised the final compromise text, claiming that it prioritises the interests of tech companies over the safety of citizens. 

While the AI law awaits finalisation of the text and formal endorsement by the European Council, it is expected to enter into force in April or May, with full application within 24 months… read more

Privacy by design a silver bullet for stemming AI risks? • 3 min read

🤖 As Artificial Intelligence (AI) technology becomes more widespread, there is a growing need for technology developers and companies that use their solutions to ensure that privacy by design and by default is at their core.

This article discusses the concept of privacy by design in the context of AI. The notion is not only promoted by DPAs as a best practice, but is also an explicit requirement under Article 25 of the GDPR: Data protection by design and by default… read more

Ad-free Facebook might get way cheaper to appease EU regulators • 3 min read

⬇️ In a bid to address regulatory concerns, Meta says it has offered to reduce the price of its ad-free subscription to Instagram and Facebook in Europe.
This follows the launch of the ad-free subscription for Instagram and Facebook last year, starting at €9.99 per month. 

Meta expects that the ad-free subscription programme will allow it to effectively obtain consent to process user data under the EU's GDPR rules, as well as the Digital Markets Act… read more


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