GDPR compliance is a complex and meticulous process for every company, especially for those with a larger public exposure. But it doesn’t have to be a burden. Moreover, one may discover some unexpected benefits that GDPR carries along the way. Many business opportunities may arise from client service or marketing point of view. Today we will focus on "what's in it for me within GDPR" from a branding perspective.

If you thought that GDPR is something concerning only the DPO (Data Protection officer) or the legal team and has nothing to do with the brand side, well, think again! What if GDPR would be an opportunity to boost consumer’s trust and enhance your brand?

Position as the company that takes really good care of the client's personal data

In fact, that’s the essence of GDPR: to correctly manage and protect the personal data of your customers. When dealing with companies which process a huge amount of data, people might become unsure about their data privacy. But, when managing properly their private information repeatedly you can gain customer's trust.

Make a selling point out of your capacity of always being GDPR compliant – no fines, no complaints, no shady issues – and the clients might start to choose you over your competition. Being a company focused on data protection makes a good positioning nowadays.

Boost your reputation

Customers are starting to become more aware of their rights when it comes to data privacy. According to a study made by The European Data Protection Board in 2019, 67% of Europeans have heard of GDPR. Also, "57% of Europeans know that there is a public authority in their country responsible for protecting their rights about personal data". According to the same source, 144. 376 queries and complaints were registered in Europe.

If people are so concerned when it comes to their data privacy, they will tend to trust brands which treat their info with respect and transparency. Therefore, GDPR might help rebuild the trust many consumers have lost in digital companies.

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