Sypher – the biggest Romanian GDPR compliance platform by number of customers – announces a strategic partnership with Mediapost HitMail in Bulgaria. The partnership aims to promote and distribute Sypher Suite solution to Bulgarian companies willing to efficiently manage the process of obtaining and maintaining the GDPR compliance standard.

This partnership was sealed at one year and a half after Sypher company was launched. In the Romanian market, Sypher Suite is currently used by more than 60 organizations in various areas: financial, insurance, software and technology, retail and ecommerce.

“GDPR compliance is a challenge for any organization. Still, there are industries such as banking, telecom or retail, where companies operate with large amounts of data and experience a greater public exposure. This kind of companies need to pay more attention to measures and controls implemented to protect data privacy and individual rights” said Mihai Ghita, Sypher Solutions co-founder.

In Bulgaria, Sypher targets a 25% market share, with a portfolio of large and enterprise customers, from a range of diverse industries. The company chose to seal a partnership with a local player, with a solid and recognized presence and a good understanding of local realities.

“Our partnership with Sypher allows us to promote and distribute a GDPR compliance platform already tested and validated by Romanian key players but adapted for our market. We have thus the opportunity to answer the needs of local companies for tools to simplify the GDPR compliance process. This process is complex, and Sypher Suite genuinely helps organizations easily manage it and identify possible costly errors”, said Hristo Radichev, CEO of Mediapost HitMail Bulgaria.

“In the coming two years we aim to extend our business in several European countries, in the Western Europe as well as in the Central and Eastern Europe. Another priority is to consolidate our partnerships with consultants and companies providing DPO services and legal offices using Sypher Suite when managing their clients’ projects”, added Mihai Ghita.

About Sypher:

The company develops Sypher Suite platform software designed to help companies to simplify the process of analysing, documenting and maintaing GDPR complainance.

The platform uses specific logic and workflows which divide the project into smaller chunks, easier to manage, and delivers an overview of the progress and issues that require the attention of the DPO. It is also a practical work tool, with frequent updates, based on users’ comments and the specific problems they encountered while implementing and maintaining GDPR within their organization.